Main types of tires: know the right tire for each type ofvehicle

Among the most fundamental safety items to ensure vehicle safety are tires . For further info, click here: best mud tires

And to understand the functionality of each one and offer the best service to customers interested in buying cars , find out which are the main types of tires available on the market, which is the most suitable for each type of car and why they are so important for ensure better performance.

Main types of tires

Each vehicle has a suitable tire type to ensure the best performance on the roads. And when it comes to convincing an undecided customer, the ideal is for the seller to know the details of the existing models and be prepared to guide customers.

Off road tires

This model has a larger tread and wider grooves, as well as a more resistant structure. To ensure greater safety during the journey, this tire must be calibrated according to the ground on which the vehicle will travel. The tire is ideal for dirt tracks with gravel or mud.

On Road or conventional tires

On Road or conventional tires have smaller grooves, ensuring greater contact with the ground. Most cars usually leave the factory with this type of tire .

They were made especially for tracks with asphalt, being used in ordinary passenger cars.

Mixed tires

The mixes are indicated to work both on ground and asphalt.It is ideal for those traveling on asphalt sites and traveling infrequently to areas with rocky or muddy soil.

Most Brazilian jeeps and even some SUVs usually leave the factory with this type of tire.

Radial tires

This tire is made with a tread to last much longer, being suitable for those who will travel at high speed. They guarantee better performance in curves, as well as a faster response in braking situations.

Danger of selling vehicles with the wrong tire

As we mentioned above, tires are essential items in the safety of cars for sale . Therefore, it is very important that the store is concerned with maintaining each vehicle with its tire and appropriate parts according to the purpose of the car.

In addition, to avoid taking risks, the driver must also take care of calibration, alignment and balancing.

Among the main dangers in using the inappropriate tire for the vehicle, we can highlight:

1. Compromise in response time when braking,increasing the risk of causing an accident. For the tire to brake safely, it-needs to have a good grip with the ground and this does not happen if the part is not suitable for the type of road that is traveling.

2. When the depth of the grooves necessary to expel excess water is not certain, the danger of aquaplaning increases considerably.In this type of situation, the car loses contact with the ground and starts to slide in an uncontrolled way.

3. The use of unsuitable tires also affects stability and comfort when driving. In extreme cases, the part may burst due to its fragility, as well as increasing vibrations and noise when accelerating the vehicle.

Using the right tire for the type of vehicle is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of the driver.

Therefore, it is very important that vehicle stores are committed and know how to guide their customers about the existing models and their uses.


Which oil filter is better - detailed analysis

The information in the article will help car owners understand the device, the principle of operation, the advantages and disadvantages of oil filters on the Russian market. View here for more info: best oil filter

It will also give you an idea of ​​how to choose an oil filter for your iron horse.

The best foreign oil filters

In order for a car not to become a luxury, but to remain a means of transportation for as long as possible, it is necessary to carry out its maintenance in a timely manner and use only high-quality engine oils and filters. This raises the question of how to choose and where to buy an oil filter.

MANN Oil Filter

Let's consider the filter in detail. The rolling of the outer cage is neat. When examined with the naked eye, it was not possible to detect defects in the connection. The rubber seal has a high degree of elasticity and rigidity. It is securely seated in its seat and prevents oil leaks.

Let's start disassembling. We separate the metal shell, cutoff the top cover with drainage holes. There is a silicone membrane underneath.Its integrity is not violated. This is undoubtedly a plus.

Consider a filter element. It is made of special paper with the ability to trap the smallest particles of contamination. To increase productivity,the paper is collected in an accordion (corrugation). The outer ribs of the corrugation do not have deformations and are highly rigid. It is difficult to deform them mechanically.

The overflow valve has a standard design and a high opening force.

The filter element is spring loaded with a four petal plate.It creates less resistance when the oil moves to the bypass valve than a spring. This fact will make it possible to more effectively protect the engine from oil starvation in the event of a clogged filter.

All the elements considered indicate the high quality of MANN products. But during further research, a significant drawback was found that does not allow us to recommend filters of this brand for use.

An autopsy and a more detailed study of the corrugation showed that the design of the filter element promotes adhesion of adjacent plates. The thickness of the paper increases, and the throughput tends to zero.During inspection of this sample, more than 2/3 of all the plates were glued together.This suggests that most of the oil entered the lubrication system without being cleaned.